Thursday, April 12, 2007

In honor of Easter last Sunday, a bunny story

I know I shouldn't, but this story made me laugh.

What? You mean rabbits get EATEN in the wild? By coyotes and hawks and owls? Especially these cute little bite-sized ones? NO! Gosh, I wonder why they are ENDANGERED??? And I love the end where the state pygmy rabbit coordinator (that's a great job title, btw) basically said they are going to keep putting more owl food out there because, you know, it's "valuable learning."

Can you imagine what the little bunnies are thinking?
Oh, thank you, large human people, for rescuing us from the wild where we have no hope of survival.

Wait. What? You mean you're putting us back? What, we aren't cute enough? No! We'll be good little bunnies, we promise!
Poor little bunnies. They can come live in my neighborhood. Based on how many bunnies we see in our backyard, it's a bunny safe haven around here! Maybe I'd better give that pygmy rabbit coordinator a call...for the bunnies' sake!
Updated to add:

And in other news...T. Rex: tastes like chicken!

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Taunie said...

What cracks me up even more is the "decline in population does not doom the multimillion-dollar project". MULTIMILLION DOLLARS!?!?!? You have got to be kidding! We raised rabbits as kids and had way too many of them when we got the sexes mixed up and I am guessing it didn't cost my parents much since we weren't rich.