Thursday, February 1, 2007

The King says Zoloft is good for business

Wow, so yesterday's post was pretty long. Rereading it today, I'm almost embarrassed to have written it. But once I got started, I guess I just couldn't stop. It felt good to get it all out of my head, even if it is out into cyberspace. In all reality, I'm guessing that no one has found this blog yet, which is just fine with me.

Yesterday was a bad day. Today was better. Actually, today offered another indication that the medicine might be working. This morning, I had a big-time snuggle with my kids. We snuggled and giggled and tickled and laughed. They sat on me to keep me from getting up and taking my shower. We were late getting out of the house and off to work and school.

Even when I was at my worst, I would have enjoyed those fun little snuggly moments with the kids. I was never that far gone. The difference is that then, I would have been quicker to end it and as soon as I left the moment, any happiness I felt during the moment disappeared as if it had never been. Now, the happy stays with me. It stayed with me all morning. It kept me from losing my cool even though we were getting later and later. It allowed me to be the "cool" mom this morning who offered to pick up Burger King breakfast because we were out of waffles.

And that Croissan'wich tasted much better on a happy stomach.

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