Thursday, November 8, 2007

Now, where did I leave my high heels and pearls?

Yesterday was a good day. The kids had dentist appointments in the morning and, since they decided to squeeze Steve in to work on his cavitites (Two! He's such a bad boy!), I had to go, too. Andrew only had a half-day of school, so we decided to make a family play-hookey-day of it. Steve and I both took the day off work and after we finished with the dentist, we went to eat and saw The Bee Movie. It was Abby's very first movie, and she did pretty well. I think she liked it, even if she didn't recognize Kramer's voice half-way through it or get some of the jokes.

After the movie, Andrew actually convinced Steve to stop at a store I had pointed out on our way to the theater. It was a cute little antique store with a bunch of fun stuff set up outside. I'm pretty sure if it had been just me asking, we wouldn't have gone, but Andrew wheedled (that's a cross between whining and needling, with a dash of begging for good measure) our way there. Gotta love that boy. The store was very fun. Lots of things that I would love to have at my house. Or at least at the house I have in my head - the one where kids don't color on tables, spill drinks on couches, or break things with their energy force fields. Steve's reply anytime I suggest purchasing new furniture is, "What's the point of buying anything nice now?" Good point. But I had fun looking around and the kids also had a good time. The store was in the midst of reorganizing, so walking through it to look at things was a little like exploring your grandma's attic (WAY fun!). And as a bonus, not only was there a small Abby-sized playmate (the owners' daughter, Erica) and two adorable kittens who liked - or at least tolerated well - being carried around by three-year-olds, they had a play room upstairs, where Erica was more than happy to host some company. I think Steve was the only one who wanted to leave. And even HE liked many of the items we saw. I know this will be hard to believe, but he actually said he was surprised at how reasonably priced things were and was longingly eyeing a beautiful cabinet with an attached leaded-glass display case. I know! I had to check and make sure he hadn't been replaced by a pod person!

So we left the store without most of the things I wanted to pack up and tuck in my pocket, like the old rescued barn feed bin, which would have made a fantastic addition to our mud room, except for the fact that our house doesn't have a mud room, or even a spare wall long enough and empty enough beside which to place it. Sigh. But! I did not leave empty handed. I found two lovely soup bowl and saucers that came home with me. I question the actual antiqueness of them, but I love them even if they aren't that old, and I didn't pay more for them than I would have at Target. Also, I bought an apron. You heard me. Actually, I bought two. Because if I have an apron, you know that Abby needs an apron. Both of our aprons are quite lovely and have already been put to good use, except that Andrew was the first one to wear Abby's apron. I promised him I wouldn't take his picture, so I don't have proof, but I do have photos of our lovely aprons.


Abby's (& Andrew's) :

Just wearing it makes me feel more domestic already!

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