Monday, March 17, 2008

This blog's not dead yet

Hey, look! I'm posting something in my blog! Yes, it has been since NOVEMBER that I last posted. But hey, it's my blog, and I'll cry if I want to. Hmm, that reference doesn't really work here, does it? Anyway.

So why now? What earth-shattering news has prompted me to spill my guts to the Internet after such a long absence? Uh, nothing. I just, uh, well, I'm just sitting at an airport alone with free wi-fi. There you go. Last November was when things started to get really busy for me at home and work. And then my home PC had some work done - a little nip there, a couple of tucks there. Ever since then, our wireless at home has been on the fritz. I have reinstalled the router, called tech support (yes, I was that desperate), bought a new router, contacted tech support again (!!!!)... It is STILL not working right. So, combine busy with unable to sit on the couch and access the Internet and you get well, nothing. No blogging. Which is really a shame. Until the holidays and the payroll year-end crises were through I didn't have time to miss it too much, but now I really do. I miss writing, even if it's just in this odd public journal format. So while I have a few are a couple of observations from Las Vegas (where I am currently waiting for a plane to take me home):

  1. In Vegas, it is always night time inside.
  2. But always daytime outside.
  3. If you're not wearing sequins, you're not appropriately dressed for the bars. Unless you're wearing a backless string bikini. Then you can be a bartender.
  4. No matter what you wear, you will not be the strangest looking person you will see. Unless you wear a tuxedo with a beat up backpack and flame tattoos around your neck. Then you might tie.
  5. Vegas is where you can see the world's largest Hooters. There's a ginormous Hooters casino/hotel, too.
  6. When the hostess at Mon Ami Gabi tells you not to go past the white bridge while you wait for your table buzzer to go off, she really means it. And she will NOT be happy if you disobey and miss her page. Trust me on this.
  7. Only in Vegas would I pay $90 to watch people stomp around and make noise with the same things I tell my kids not to bang at home. But if the kids were as good as the Stomp Out Loud show, maybe I'd consider letting them get away with it.
  8. Walking to the hotel "right next to" yours takes 20 minutes. At least.
  9. The "If-You-Can-See-It-You-Can-Walk-To-It" rule did not originate in Las Vegas.
  10. Always take the bartender's advice on what to order for dinner, especially the appetizers!


Elizabeth said...

I miss you!!!!

I'm so bummed I didn't get to learn anything about Vegas with you, but I can't wait to hear about it all over lunch!

Love ya,

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