Sunday, March 4, 2007

Dude, it's totally way sweet. Seriously.


Pens that are missing the caps should not be allowed. I was in a meeting this afternoon at the hotel and they had pens and paper at every seat. The pens were the kind with the removeable cap, except the caps were missing. Maybe the hotel staff thought we would all revert back to junior high and start throwing them at each other? They should have taken the pen tubes and just left us the ink stick because we had one HELL of a spit ball fight.


We have all moved to the valley and have selected our approved lingo. I have a pet word that some people know about. Two, really. But it's only one that I've apparently taught my daughter to use. My word made it in, and so did a couple of other people's. The official words of CUE are: Dude, sweet, totally, way, and seriously. Dude, I totally love San Diego, seriously. Way.


Did you know California has an official dog? Must be. Within the first two hours I was here, I saw four people with the same kind of dog. Small, white, fluffy - Bichon Frise-ish. Cute, don't get me wrong, but Dude, seriously? One dog was being walked like a normal dog. One dog was riding in a car. One dog was riding in a bicycle basket (I would have totally taken a picture if I wouldn't have gotten busted - it was too cute), and the last one was being carried while its owner (I assume, but maybe they were just friends) walked. So, I guess she was taking her dog for a carry instead of a walk...Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore. Or Indiana either.


Have I mentioned that I LOVE palm trees? I would marry them if they would relocate so I could be closer to my family. And if they promised to do all the laundry and most of the dishes. I went on a round of golf with Stacy and Tom and Tom's BFF, Kelly, yesterday. I shot 64. Pictures. You didn't really think I GOLFED, did you? Dude, I drove the cart! I loaded the pics to Flickr - check them out! I have movies, too...I may have to set up YouTube...but I might accept bribes of Cool Kid Beer...


lawsonprincess said...

And how much had you had to drink when you made this entry?!?!??! Seriously, Dude!!

Cheri said...

Dude! It more of a lack-of-sleep drunk than a too-much-alcohol drunk...I'm still trying to recover from the sleep deprivation and time difference hangover.