Sunday, March 25, 2007

I can quit anytime I want. I just don't. want. to.

Oh no. I think my husband tried to have an intervention. Apparently, my recent increased attachment to the laptop has not gone unnoticed. He went to a movie by himself today (oh, I have so many thoughts on THAT, but another time...). When I tried to protest - from behind the laptop screen - he said it wouldn't be any different if he stayed because I'd just be at the computer the whole time. But at least we'd be together, right?! He accused me of being attached to the computer 24-7 lately. And then? Then he said something nearly unforgivable. He hurts to even type it...he suggested that I go ALL WEEK without the computer. Clearly, he was trying to kill me. When I told him as much, he backed off and only tried to maim me with a one day abstention. Monday. No computer when I get home. What?! Why?? What have I done to him? Does he hate me that much?

Okay, so maybe I need to lay off the VBS forum, Google homepage, blog surfing...a little...

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