Saturday, March 3, 2007

Oscar is watching the kids

Steve called just after the plane landed in Denver for our lay-over and I had turned the phone on (to take a picture, what else). He wanted to discuss where I had left the van and point out to me - one more time - just how stupid I am.

Stacy and I rode together to the airport. We are on the same flights. We work together. She is my boss and very good friend. We are going to be together a LOT while we're at this conference. Why not ride together to the airport? Save the hassle and the cost (yes, to the company, but still) of parking for both of us. Trouble is, I live about 30 - 40 minutes out of the way for Stacy to come pick up. And our flight left at 7am this morning, so that's pretty early in the morning to be tacking on an extra half-hour when you could spend that time sleeping instead. So I asked one of my other friends, Jody, if she or her husband would be willing to help Steve drive down to get the van this weekend so I could meet Stacy a little closer to the driving route. She agreed and so I met Stacy at a Bob Evans right off the interstate, close to our office, which is about a 20 minute drive from my house. And everything was hunky dory. I thought. But I forget that I can't think. See? Stupid.

Steve's call was to tell me that Jody can't go with him until Sunday. And what if the van gets towed? And why did I leave it there? Why didn't we just leave it at work? Or why didn't I just drive to the airport - easier for everyone? (umm, except STACY who would have had to get up before 3am instead of 3:30am!) While I was being scolded on the phone, I was trying to get someone to actually let me out into the aisle of the plane so I could exit, find the gate for my connecting flight (leaving in 30 minutes from when we landed), work my way through the throngs of people, acknowledge the compliment on my new laptop bag (it is very cute!), and find my traveling companions. So I was a little distracted. And all I could say in response to Steve’s questions was, "Well, I just did it wrong. Bye." I should seriously just record myself saying "I did it wrong" and have it ready for whenever I need it. It would save time.

He called back as my plane was taxiing out (I forgot to turn the phone off! - major scolding from the flight attendant!!!) to tell me that he's been informed that he's grouchy today. By the kids. Oh, should be a fun day at my house. Gosh, I feel bad that I'm going to be in San Diego enjoying 70 degrees and sunshine...when do I have to go back?

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